Never forget any of the elements again!

Now you can have your very own Periodic Table Magnets right on your fridge! This set allows you to build the complete table on your fridge or any other magnetic surface. All 118 of the elements are here - beautifully illustrated and 25cm when arranged!

Each element is printed with high quality and on premium vinyl with a hard magnetic backing. You will enjoy looking at your fridge with this amazing table! 

You can also make over 10,000 words C/H/O/Co/La/Te and F/U/N using the element tiles included in the tin!

Fun, educational and practical, this magnet is the perfect gift for that special chemist or science lover in your life! 

An accurate and complete periodic table of elements and a tin to hold them all is included.

Bring some science fun into the kitchen and learn the order of the elements all while cooking! 

Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts. 

Brand Heebie Jeebies
Shipping Weight 0.4500kg
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