Science Kits for 10 Year Olds

Here's where you'll find the best science kits & stem toys for the 10-Year-Old scientists in your life! With a great collection of educational toys & stem kits, each kit is perfect for curious, growing kids. There are no better gifts than gifts of knowledge, so share it today through a kit. View science kits for 10 year olds below: 


Welcome to the Science Kits for 10 Year Olds Department

Here you can find the best kids science kits & STEM toys that are ideal for ages 10 years old!

More 2 Science has a huge range of unique and special science kits for children ages 10 & up. Find fun toys, activities & gift ideas hand selected by our team all at a great price! From insects and general science curriculum to building kits, toys or kids science kits - you'll find something for all primary school age children. We love helping people find interesting science & stem kits and these ones are perfect for ten year olds. Check out the entire range above. 

What is the benefit of a science kit?

Ignite learning through play!  A science kit doesn't have to be boring to learn something - so that's why we love having a wide range of the best science filled activity kits for the growing children you know. These science play kits contain all the necessary supplies you need to start your investigations and encourage the foundations of a great education! Buy the science kit of your young ones' dreams today and give your child the best gift ever. 

Top 10 Science Kits for 10 Year Olds For 2024

We've compiled a most popular list of Science Kits for ages 10, that you can add to cart in July. As voted by knowledge givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite stem & science kits ideal for the ten year child you know, and that we've shipped Australia wide.

  1. 1. Orbiting Solar System

    Orbiting Solar System

    With the Orbiting Solar System you can set the planets in motion with a flick of your wrist! Build a mechanical model of the solar system which is called an Orrery....

  2. 2. Make Your Own Volcano

    Make Your Own Volcano

    Create your own miniature Mt Vesuvius, a spectacular & volcanic eruption! Discover the science behind a 'lava lamp' and how lava composition and viscosity affect eruptions in these fun experiments....

  3. 3. 4M Crystal Growing Kit Large

    4M Crystal Growing Kit Large

    Conduct 7 unique crystal-growing experiments from this one amazing kit. Grow different kinds of crystals and display them in their specially designed cases. A great chemistry experiment for the whole family!...

  4. 4. 4M Kidzlabs Kitchen Science

    4M Kidzlabs Kitchen Science

    Light a bulb with a lemon, launch a rocket, build a volcano & much more!...

  5. 5. 4M Scientific Discovery Kit

    4M Scientific Discovery Kit

    42 Project Cards with Fun Facts. 40+ Fascinating Science Experiments! 18 page Activity Booklet to engage thinking & document learning....

  6. 6. Biology Madness

    Biology Madness

    Biology Madness is a comprehensive science kit with 24 fun and interesting experiments to complete and a coloured booklet for further learning!...

  7. 7. Chemistry Chaos

    Chemistry Chaos

    Chemistry Chaos science kit has 19 fun and educational experiments for you to complete, Including Chemical Reactions, Crystallography, Forensic Chemistry and Qualitative Chemistry!...

  8. 8. Air Powered Engine Car

    Air Powered Engine Car

    This create and play educational kit teaches all about using compressed air propulsion as a form of energy, while also building a working model!...

  9. 9. Forensic Science

    Forensic Science

    Discover the different techniques that forensic scientists use on a daily basis, many of which are used in crime scene investigations....

  10. 10. 4M KidzRobotix Table Top Robot

    4M KidzRobotix Table Top Robot

    Assemble your very own smart robotic crab that can detect the edges of any platform and make swift turns to avoid falling off the edge!...

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