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The most popular physics gift ideas in Australia can be found here. You don't need to be a physicist to enjoy these awesome physics projects and discovery kits. You will also find amazing physics teacher gift ideas, physics gifts for geeks, funny physics gifts and more. Browse the entire range below, and don't forget to select the gift wrapping option.


Welcome to the Science Physics Gift Department

If you are looking for the perfect physics related present, then you have found the place to be! Here you'll find popular & new projects to shop for and more that both science teachers and children of all ages love to build.

We've got something for everyone on this list. Whether you are looking for an awesome gift for a physicist you know, your physics science teacher, your teacher's loved one, or a gift for yourself, we've got you covered. Learn about the code of life at a quantum level. From gifts for children to gifts for adults, this modern list covers it all. From the most popular items to the coolest items, you'll find it all here. We may not have the range of Amazon however our selection is personally picked for its awesomeness. Enjoy browsing through our list and get inspired. 

10 Popular Physics Gift Ideas for June 2024

Got a Sheldon Cooper in your life? Here you'll find a most popular list of physics gifts and presents for someone who has a theory for everything. As voted by science givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite physics gifts that we've shipped all over Australia for both non physicist types and physicist alike.

1. Vortex Valve Tornado Tube

This cool Vortex Valve is designed to demonstrate how a tornado spins and swirls!...

Price: 3

Vortex Valve Tornado Tube

2. Hi-Bounce Ball Kit

This awesome bouncy ball kit contains 2 different ball moulds and 4 different coloured powder sachets - all you need to make a range of your own hi-bouncing balls....

Price: 5

Hi-Bounce Ball Kit

3. Glass Prism

Re-create this classic light experiment with this prism made of optical glass....

Price: 10

Glass Prism

4. Simple Machines STEM Experiment Kit

This kit also includes a 32-page, full-colour illustrated manual guide so you can build the models with step-by-step instructions. Kids will have fun while they learn the power of simple machines!...

Price: 60

Simple Machines STEM Experiment Kit

5. Glow Bouncing Putty

Mould it, stretch it, snap it, shape it & bounce it - day or night!...

Price: 3

Glow Bouncing Putty

6. Galileo Thermometer 44cm

The 44cm tall Galileo Thermometer is a handblown temperature tool made with a touch of 17th-century flare and It measures temperatures 16°C to 34°C!...

Price: 70

Galileo Thermometer 44cm

7. JohnCo 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot

With 14 different models to build, let imaginations run wild. The best part is you can learn about electrical energy whilst playing!...

Price: 50

JohnCo 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot

8. Stepping into Science

There are 29 experiments in Stepping into Science - some serious, some whimsical. They will spark interest and provide fun for any child who is curious about the world....

Price: 69

Stepping into Science

9. Da Vinci Catapult

Precisely made and easy to assemble, even Leonardo da Vinci would be pleased with this re-creation of his 15th Century catapult....

Price: 43

Da Vinci Catapult

10. Kaleidoscope Teacher Pack (10 pce)

This awesome teacher's set includes everything you need to make 10 of your very own Kaleidoscopes! Explore light, reflections and symmetry in your next lesson....

Price: 50

Kaleidoscope Teacher Pack (10 pce)

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