The award-winning brand Engino is both an entertaining and educational choice for young builders. Creativity and imagination have no limits with Engino system models, as all sets can work together! Engino sets are exciting, inventive and educational!


Welcome to Engino

With Engino, children can play alone or with their family, classmates and friends. Having numerous awards won, the Engino kits have been tried and tested with children with the association of teachers and the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus. This showed that small models could be easily built even by 5-year-olds. Bigger and more complex models are more suited to 8-12-year-olds, and our robotics and mega sets target both youngsters and grown-ups as more hobby items. This means there is something for everyone!

Why Engino

Unlike other construction toys, Engino is built to be a lifelong toy filled with fun while you learn! Children will constantly be imagining as they build different models and find ways to discover new capabilities of the Engino system. Engino also loves to help children develop their analytical and creative skills and acquire important knowledge in subjects of technology and physics in a playful and enjoyable way.