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Do you wish you could give a unique gift to your work colleague, friend or partner? The stars have aligned! Check out our popular and unique science kits for the curious minds in your life! Our goal is that you'll find this a great collection of scientific and fun kits, perfect as science gifts & activities for adults! From planets, fossils and puzzles to intricate building kits - you'll find something for all the science-loving adults you know. There are no better gifts than the gifts of knowledge, so share it today and shop our current range below:

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Welcome To The Science Kits for Adults Department

Level Up your Gifts & Shop the Best Adult Science Kits Here!

Our personally selected range of wonderful science kits for adults is sorted by most popular. Whether it’s for a lover of engineering, chemistry, biology or any other cool science, we’re excited to introduce these fun kits to your wishlist. For the times you need fun activities or projects to do at home, these science kits are perfect. Plus they make the best science-themed gifts!

Save the day and add both types of chemistry to your next date night, or make your next work Christmas party or birthday fun, plus feel like a kid again! Any grown-up will love getting creative with these unique kits & gifts, and who doesn't love a good challenge. View the range of Science kits available above:

Top 10 Science Kits for Adults for 2022

We've compiled a most popular list of science gifts & kits for cool adults, you can buy for August below. Voted by science givers like you! This list contains the all-time favourite kits for science lovers, with delivery all over Australia!

  1. 1. Master Detective Toolkit

    Master Detective Toolkit

    Master Detective Toolkit gives lots of fun ideas for playing detective. It has exercises that teach how to observe and remember things carefully, and its' simple experiments present techniques for finding and evaluating clues....

  2. 2. 4M Crystal Growing Kit Large

    4M Crystal Growing Kit Large

    Conduct 7 unique crystal-growing experiments from this one amazing kit. Grow different kinds of crystals and display them in their specially designed cases. A great chemistry experiment for the whole family!...

  3. 3. Mosasaurus Excavation kit

    Mosasaurus Excavation kit

    Sea Monster skeleton excavation Kit! ...

  4. 4. T-Rex Excavation Kit

    T-Rex Excavation Kit

    Excavate the T-Rex skeleton bones from the block and then assemble them to make up this quality replica. The paleontologist’s tools are included in the kit....

  5. 5. Triceratops Excavation Kit

    Triceratops Excavation Kit

    Excavate the skeleton and then assemble this museum quality replica of a Triceratops. The skeleton is made up of about 8 pieces and the paleontologist's tools (hammer and chisel) are included in the kit....

  6. 6. Gemstone Excavation Kit

    Gemstone Excavation Kit

    Excavate 5 different tumbled gemstones. 10 gemstones & Geologist tools included....

  7. 7. Green Science Recycled Paper Beads

    Green Science Recycled Paper Beads

    Fashion colourful beaded creations using the specially designed tool included. Design your jewellery and make as many as you want with this creative set. Start your own paper bead collection today!...

  8. 8. UGears Stem Lab Arithmetic Kit

    UGears Stem Lab Arithmetic Kit

    Create your own Mechanical Addiator and a Mechanical Multiplier. This is a fun and educational activity or gift for a student or collector of interesting items!...

  9. 9. UGears Stem Lab Counter

    UGears Stem Lab Counter

    Discover the principle of a working Three-digit Clicker-Counter! A wonderful gift and activity for the student, teacher or collector in your life. ...

  10. 10. UGears Stem Lab Random Generator

    UGears Stem Lab Random Generator

    Assemble your very own UGears Stem Lab Random Generator and discover the principles of probabilities and the mechanics that go into the workings of random generators! ...

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