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Here's where you'll find all our popular and unique science kits now available in Australia for big & small scientists! Whether it's science kits for kids, teens or adults, our goal is that you'll find this a great collection of scientific and educational kits. From the planets & stars, fossils and puzzles to building kits, toys and science experiments - you'll find something for the science-loving kids & adults in your life. There is no better gift than a gift of knowledge, so share it today and start browsing our range below:

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Welcome To The Science Kits Department

These science kits & toys are Ideal for homeschool reviews, school projects & gifts!

Here you'll find our personally selected range of wonderful science kits & toys sorted by most popular. We hope you get inspired by these amazing kits for science lovers. Whether it’s for a beginner engineer, chemist, biologist or any other science, we’re excited to introduce you to these great science kit ideas. These kits are perfect for primary school age children to teens and adults, so you can find something for everyone! 

Kids can enjoy experimenting and learning all while having heaps of fun. The smart new science kits we stock online include the main foundational accessories you need to get learning, kids will increase their science knowledge beyond their years with easy-to-follow instructions and learning sheets! Adults will love getting creative with these unique kits, and enjoy the challenge. View the range of Science kits available above:

Top 10 Science Kits & Ideas for 2022

We've compiled a most popular list of science toys & kits you can buy for August below. Voted by science givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite kits for scientists with delivery all over Australia!

  1. 1. Magic Flower

    Magic Flower

    Add the "magic" liquid to see the tree blossom with dazzling crystals. ...

  2. 2. Ooze Labs Chemistry Station

    Ooze Labs Chemistry Station

    With the Ooze Labs Chemistry Station, your child can perform outrageously awesome, safe, and educational experiments. A wonderful introduction to the world of chemistry. ...

  3. 3. Fossil Collection Kit

    Fossil Collection Kit

    With the Fossil Collection Kit you'll be amazed to see what happens to bones, shells, leaves and seeds when they're left under mud for many years....

  4. 4. Master Detective Toolkit

    Master Detective Toolkit

    Master Detective Toolkit gives lots of fun ideas for playing detective. It has exercises that teach how to observe and remember things carefully, and its' simple experiments present techniques for finding and evaluating clues....

  5. 5. 4M Crystal Growing Kit Large

    4M Crystal Growing Kit Large

    Conduct 7 unique crystal-growing experiments from this one amazing kit. Grow different kinds of crystals and display them in their specially designed cases. A great chemistry experiment for the whole family!...

  6. 6. Automaton Horse

    Automaton Horse

    Part of the Wooden Automata series, this whimsical horse is ideal for horse-lovers, young and old!...

  7. 7. Mosasaurus Excavation kit

    Mosasaurus Excavation kit

    Sea Monster skeleton excavation Kit! ...

  8. 8. Stepping into Science

    Stepping into Science

    There are 29 experiments in Stepping into Science - some serious, some whimsical. They will spark interest and provide fun for any child who is curious about the world....

  9. 9. T-Rex Excavation Kit

    T-Rex Excavation Kit

    Excavate the T-Rex skeleton bones from the block and then assemble them to make up this quality replica. The paleontologist’s tools are included in the kit....

  10. 10. The Human Body

    The Human Body

    Explore your senses and learn about the human body in the process. An ideal beginner introduction for children to understand their body better!...

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