Discover Science

Welcome to an official Australian Discover Science Product list! The Discover Science range is a go-to brand for all sorts of interesting projects, science kits and experiments. It is also designed in Australia by Australian scientists. How cool!


Welcome to Discover Science

Science is fun! Discover the world of science through exciting hands-on activities included in the Discover Science kits. These kits are wonderfully designed for science enthusiasts and curious minds. There are lots of fun STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) products that can be used in classrooms and at home.

Discover Science also has a great selection of fun and educational products, like colour-changing putty, mugs and gemstones! Learn while you play. Created by scientists who want the next generation of scientists to be inspired and learn scientific knowledge, abilities and skills.


Why Discover Science

Discover Science is designed to capture the imagination of children by introducing fundamental scientific principles in a fun, hands-on way. To inspire, innovate and encourage young minds all around the world. Perfect for the novice or expert scientist, Discover Science has what you need to learn and have fun! 

Plus, all Discover Science kits and products are designed in Australia by Australian scientists. Super cool!