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Discover the wonderful science of life here! You don't need to be a biologist to enjoy these awesome & popular biology projects, activities and discovery kits! You can also find amazing bio teacher gift ideas, biology gifts for students & geeks, educational gifts for discovery plus so much more. Browse the entire range below, and select the gift wrapping option!

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Welcome to the Science Biology Gift Department

Here you can shop for the biologist in your life & gift the most original biology gifts & science gifts ever!

The study of life just got even more fantastic thanks to our range of unique and entertaining biology gifts for all minds & ages!

If you are looking for the perfect biology-related present or a gift for biology students or biology gifts for adults, then the stars have aligned. Here you will discover the popular & new STEM projects to shop for, & the best biology gifts for adults and children of all ages. Every biologist or beginner will love the fun as they build, play and learn all at once!

We've got something for everyone on this list. See the excellent gifts available for a biologist, your biology science teacher, a loved one, or just a gift for yourself - we've got you covered. 

Learn about the study & code of life the fun way. Enjoy browsing through our list and get inspired today. 

Need a Biology gift that's perfect for children? Try the new poster sticker activities from Poppik!

Poppik is a french brand that creates and designs unique stickers & sticker posters. They make for perfect creative and educational activities for all ages! The Human Body Poster & Animal of the Oceans Poster are the perfect way to ignite a curiosity about the science of life.

What are the most popular gifts to shop for biologists, biology students & life science lovers?

We've compiled a most popular list of gift and science gift ideas for biologists & biology types for February. As voted by science gift-givers like you! This list contains the all-time favourite biology gifts that we've shipped all over Australia. Be a science gift-giver that rocks!

  1. 1. Coral Reef Kit

    Coral Reef Kit

    Discover the amazing world of coral reefs and how they are critical to ocean life while completing 4 fun experiments. Learn all about the classification of corals and how they are formed too!...

  2. 2. Biology Madness

    Biology Madness

    Biology Madness is a comprehensive science kit with 24 fun and interesting experiments to complete and a coloured booklet for further learning!...

  3. 3. Discovering Stem Botanic Laboratory

    Discovering Stem Botanic Laboratory

    With the Discovering Stem Botanic Laboratory, kids over 8 can build their own miniature greenhouse and grow seedlings in it. ...

  4. 4. Creepy Crawly Digging Kit

    Creepy Crawly Digging Kit

    This is a hands-on excavation experience, dig through the plaster rock, unearth a bunch of creepy crawly bugs, mount the bugs on the specimen cards and learn some cool facts!...

  5. 5. Discover Oceans

    Discover Oceans

    A fun-filled introduction to our Oceans with a illustrated reference booklet, an Ocean wall poster and a mystery Ocean creatures excavation activity! ...

  6. 6. Animals of the Oceans Illustrated Poster with 59 Stickers

    Animals of the Oceans Illustrated Poster with 59 Stickers

    With this unique Poppik poster, you can dive in deep with the marine life of one of the most wonderful and mysterious places on earth.. the ocean! Discover what lies beneath the surface. ...

  7. 7. Discover Biology STEM Kit

    Discover Biology STEM Kit

    Discover the wonders of the Scientific world with this fun-filled introduction to Biology...

  8. 8. Human Body Virtual Reality Deluxe Gift Set

    Human Body Virtual Reality Deluxe Gift Set

    Be immersed in the human body like never before with this gift and activity set! It includes an 80-page interactive DK book, an anatomical model, VR goggles with 20+ experiences, and a bonus X-RAY poster that comes alive!...

  9. 9. Sterling Books Biology Ponderables

    Sterling Books Biology Ponderables

    From cells to DNA, from the anatomy of a heart to the basics of botany, Biology Ponderables features many aspects of the vast subject of biology. A perfect read for the beginner scientist, curious thinker, educator or student!...

  10. 10. Sterling Books The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope

    Sterling Books The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope

    This book is your complete guide to using your microscope like a pro and creating your own specimens for examination! Perfect for the budding scientist, microscope beginners or just a curious learner of the 'How to'!...

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