Science Gifts for 4 Year Olds

This is where you'll find the most popular Science Gifts for the 4 Year Old scientist kids you know. These science gifts and science toys have been personally selected as great present ideas for 4 year old girls and boys. Your four year old kids will love being able to investigate the world through the wonders of science as a gift of knowledge lasts for an entire lifetime. Shop the entire range below:


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Interesting Science Toys & Ideas to Buy for Kids Turning Four Years Old

More 2 Science is here to make your experience of selecting memorable science gifts to give to your four year old fun! Our popular range of science gift ideas for 4 year olds are really fun to explore, and play with and are attention-grabbing. You can add to cart brainstorm toys, science kids kitchen toys or wheeled toys that kids love, we have something for every kind of 4 year old.  Buy the best present in our educational toys and science gifts for the 4 year old kids you know. Make teaching children science fun! View our awesome range for young scientists above:

Info on why science-themed toys are ideal for young kids:

Four years old is an age that loves to investigate and explore and they always asking questions about the world around them. Kids are curious and enthusiastic learners who are eager to learn about their surroundings and can be very creative, imaginative and inventive in their play which enables them to make sense of the world and their place in it. An interesting science toy is a great way to encourage investigation and exploration of the world around us. Scientific toys can expand the mind of children and help with their growth and development. Plus these toys are just so cool!

Looking for the best science themed gifts and gift ideas for 4 year old kids?

Here are three of our best and recommended science gifts & toys for four year olds you can add to cart for the month of June 2024. As voted by science gift givers like you! This list contains the science toy & gift favourites that we've shipped all over Australia.

  1. 1. Magic Specs

    Magic Specs

    Put on these "Magic" diffraction glasses and look at any light source and see a spectacular "fireworks" like effect. ...

  2. 2. Safari Binoculars

    Safari Binoculars

    With quality 4 x magnification optics & excellent value, this fold-able binocular with trusty carry strap will accompany you wherever the trail may lead!...

  3. 3. Freeze Dried Ice Cream

    Freeze Dried Ice Cream

    This freeze-dried ice cream is sure to impress, and is a perfect snack for astronauts on the go! ...

  4. 4. Pack of Four Magic Specs

    Pack of Four Magic Specs

    Put on these "Magic" diffraction glasses and look at any light source and see a spectacular "fireworks" like effect. ...

  5. 5. Looky Periscope

    Looky Periscope

    If you ever want to look around corners or over high fences the Looky monocular periscope that combines three telescopic tubes and two mirrors will do the trick!...

  6. 6. Navir Yellow Binoculars with Case

    Navir Yellow Binoculars with Case

    These Yellow binoculars are sturdy and perfect for adventures and also include a matching case, neck straps and lens covers!...

  7. 7. Triceratops Hand Puppet

    Triceratops Hand Puppet

    This Triceratops Puppet is a detailed and life-like replica made from soft rubber. Ideal for storytellers, roleplay or even to liven up boring conversations! You could even pair with the T-Rex hand puppet. ...

  8. 8. Mega Bug Viewer

    Mega Bug Viewer

    Mega Bug Viewer is a catching jar & JUMBO magnifying lens for observing insects & small water creatures....

  9. 9. Woolly Mammoth Toy

    Woolly Mammoth Toy

    This Woolly Mammoth Toy is an exquisitely designed replica of the awesome animal that roamed the Earth over 10,000 years ago! This toy is lightweight and soft making it ideal for young children....

  10. 10. Brachiosaurus Toy

    Brachiosaurus Toy

    Bring a piece of the jurassic world into your life and home with this exquisite hand-painted museum quality replica, reproduction of the Brachiosaurus. ...

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