Introduce your children to the fascinating world of prehistoric creatures. You can play and learn about geological and paleontological sciences, and inspire a love of Nature! Here's where you'll find the best in what Geoworld has in Australia.


Welcome to Geo world

With Geoworld you can buy your own excavation kits and have your very own prized model. Geoworld has a collection of scientifically accurate museum replicas of dinosaurs or prehistoric animals. All of the models in the collections have been meticulously sculpted, under the supervision of Dr Stefano Piccini, a geologist and paleontologist, to ensure the correct shape, posture and proportions.  All the products are complemented by in-depth material.

Why Geoworld

Geoworld excavation kits are educational and perfect for adding some fun to your science lessons. Any young discoverer or scientist will love to imagine and explore as they have a whole prehistoric world at their fingertips! 

With dinosaurs like the Elasmosaurus, Ichthyosaurus and Mosasaurus - children can travel back in time to an era where giant creatures roamed our Earth! Geoworld can even introduce the fascinating field of Paleontology with informational brochures in each kit. Learn while you play today!