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Are you looking for a great gift idea for the Dinosaur lover you know? We have a personally curated collection of unique ideas and gifts that will delight any dino enthusiast. Shop model toy replicas like the ones you see in the Jurassic world, to an awesome fossil dig kit. Check out & discover the world of cool dinosaur gifts & toys available.


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Looking to get interesting dinosaur gifts & prehistoric-themed gifts for a birthday or just for fun? You're in the right place. Above you'll find our dino favourites. Shop the latest and coolest items to buy for prehistoric enthusiasts & dinosaur lovers of all ages. They will love playing and discovering these awesome Jurassic-filled activities and toys, perfect for kids & adults.  Browse the entire range of dinosaur gifts that we are stocking right now above. You'll definitely help tick off a dinosaur lover's wishlist!

What about gifts for paleontology enthusiasts & students? Find great options available here too and shop them something cool to create or discover. You can also add the option of gift wrapping on the product page for a great price!

Frequently Asked Dino Gift Questions

Here are our answers to frequently asked questions asked about our dinosaur gifts department.

What great to gift an adult who likes dinosaurs, do you have any unique dinosaur gifts for adults?

We have some great dinosaur presents for adults! The Wooden Dinosaur build kits are a great gift and once finished make an awesome office or bookshelf decorative piece. They can even be painted and personalised! 

What do you have for kids who love dinosaurs? 

Kids love a fossil dig kit, and we have heaps of awesome fossils to choose from & collect! Check out the Paleontology Gifts for even more prehistoric and geographic mega fossil digging fun! 

What are the best dinosaur toys to collect or that are in a pack to shop for?

Get your hands on the awesome range of Recur! Recur makes museum-quality and accurate soft plastic dinosaur toy Australia models, there you'll find our personally selected range of Recur's realistically fun dinosaur models. Collect every dinosaur and have a prehistoric wonderland, & a gift they will keep forever. 

Do you have a smaller add on gift or stocking stuffer gift? 

Yes! The Dino Egg Dig is a wonderful smaller-sized dinosaur gift and at a great price, it is sure to entertain and makes for a fun excavating activity. They would also make a great birthday part favor.

Top 10 Dinosaur Gift Ideas for Australia in 2024

We've compiled a most popular list of gift ideas and dinosaur gifts for June below. Voted by science lovers just like you! This list contains the all-time favourite dinosaur toys & gifts that we've shipped all over Australia

  1. 1. Dinosaur Explorer Excavation Kit

    Dinosaur Explorer Excavation Kit

    With this kit, you can dig up one of four different dinosaur skeletons: T-rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, or Stegosaurus. Collect them all!...

  2. 2. Dino Egg Dig

    Dino Egg Dig

    Excavate your egg to reveal one of 12 different plastic dinosaurs....

  3. 3. T-Rex Excavation Kit

    T-Rex Excavation Kit

    Excavate the T-Rex skeleton bones from the block and then assemble them to make up this quality replica. The paleontologist’s tools are included in the kit....

  4. 4. T-Rex Hand Puppet

    T-Rex Hand Puppet

    This T-Rex Puppet is a detailed and life-like replica made from soft rubber. Ideal for storytellers, roleplay or even to liven up boring conversations!...

  5. 5. Triceratops Hand Puppet

    Triceratops Hand Puppet

    This Triceratops Puppet is a detailed and life-like replica made from soft rubber. Ideal for storytellers, roleplay or even to liven up boring conversations! You could even pair with the T-Rex hand puppet. ...

  6. 6. Dinosaurs Virtual Reality Deluxe Gift Set

    Dinosaurs Virtual Reality Deluxe Gift Set

    Immerse yourself in a world of prehistoric wonders with an 80-page interactive book from DK, VR goggles, and a dig-out rock complete with tools to chisel and uncover a 10" T-Rex fossil....

  7. 7. Triceratops Excavation Kit

    Triceratops Excavation Kit

    Excavate the skeleton and then assemble this museum quality replica of a Triceratops. The skeleton is made up of about 8 pieces and the paleontologist's tools (hammer and chisel) are included in the kit....

  8. 8. Wooden Dinosaur Small Tyrannosaurus

    Wooden Dinosaur Small Tyrannosaurus

    The Tyrannosaurus 3D wood kit is ideal for model builders and dinosaur lovers....

  9. 9. Woolly Mammoth Toy

    Woolly Mammoth Toy

    This Woolly Mammoth Toy is an exquisitely designed replica of the awesome animal that roamed the Earth over 10,000 years ago! This toy is lightweight and soft making it ideal for young children....

  10. 10. Brachiosaurus Toy

    Brachiosaurus Toy

    Bring a piece of the jurassic world into your life and home with this exquisite hand-painted museum quality replica, reproduction of the Brachiosaurus. ...

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