Science Gifts for 11 Year Olds

Have you got an upcoming 11th Birthday? You're in the right place to buy educational gifts, and find some awesome science toys for the special occasion! Here's where you'll find the best and most popular Science Gifts for 11 Year Olds. The More 2 Science team has searched world wide for gifts and found the best science-themed presents for kids aged 11. Shop the range below & give the gift of cool science learning:

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Welcome to the Science Gifts for 11 Year Olds Department

Here you can buy science toys & science gifts to spruce up any occasion & curated for 11-year-old kids to enjoy!

The team here at More 2 Science aim to make your experience of selecting memorable science gifts fun! Plus making it easy for you to give the best gift possible! Our popular range of science gifts and kits for 11-year-old scientists & science lovers is not only interesting to explore, but supports engagement in lots of different types of science with fun experiments and stem kits, all at a great online price.

All you have to do is choose the coolest science gifts for your kid aged 11, add to cart and select the right postage option for you! It's that quick & easy. Shop the personally selected range above & gift the coolest science toys and gifts ever:

Looking for the best science kit and science gift ideas for 11 year old kids?

Here are three of our best and recommended science gifts for eleven year olds for the month of July 2022. The best seller is pretty cool this month!

  1. 1. Fossil Box

    Fossil Box

    The Fossil Box is a fantastic introduction to all things fossils. Which ones will you find? Start your discovery today....

  2. 2. Frog ID Card Game

    Frog ID Card Game

    Have fun playing Snap or pairs and explore Australia's frogs with Frog ID. Be a citizen scientist by recording a frog call with the FrogID app....

  3. 3. Master Detective Toolkit

    Master Detective Toolkit

    Master Detective Toolkit gives lots of fun ideas for playing detective. It has exercises that teach how to observe and remember things carefully, and its' simple experiments present techniques for finding and evaluating clues....

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