Recur makes awesome and accurate dinosaur models, here's where you'll find our personally selected range of Recur's realistically fun models. Discover prehistoric times while you play!


Welcome to Recur

In 2014, Ankyl Toys launched its own brand “RECUR”. The main products of this brand are fun and realistic models of dinosaurs, sea life and wild animals.

“Quality, Safety, Love, Nature and Happiness” is the Recur design idea.

A toy brand that seeks to develop children’s understanding of nature and life, while showing that caring for our world is extremely important. 

Why Recur

Recur integrates science and education with toys, allowing children to enjoy dynamic biological knowledge at an early age.

Plus the experience of playing with their fun and new dinosaur or mammal friends!

With nature as the theme, the animals made by Recur look and feel intriguing and vivid, so that children simply can't help touching or playing with them. Opening their curiosity into learning.