Security Policy

Welcome to our Security Nook, where safety and science go hand in hand!

At More 2 Science, we're not just passionate about science and learning, we're equally devoted to ensuring your peace of mind. After all, trust is the building block of every successful experiment, and that's a principle we apply to our security measures too!

Our team of tech wizards have developed multiple systems of protection over your data - a robust firewall, the formidable 2048 Bit v3 SSL encryption, complex passwords, a mighty anti-virus software and, of course, trusty email filters. Just like a science experiment, we keep our defense formula precise and potent to safeguard all our electronic information.

But that's not all! We've also mastered the art of old-school protection. Your personal information might also be stored in hard-copy form, safely tucked away, under lock and key. It's like having your personal information in a secret diary that only we know about.

Worried about your credit card details? Fear not! We don't hold on to that sensitive info. We securely beam it straight to our bank for processing, like a secret message that disappears once read.

Here at More 2 Science, your safety is our priority. We take every reasonable step to keep your data safe and secure because we know that trust is the first step towards amazing discoveries. So go ahead, enjoy exploring the wonders of science, knowing we've got your back, every step of the way!