Unleash your inner mechanic! Here's where you'll find all the best UGears projects in Australia. Sorted by popularity, you can discover the world of stunning wooden mechanical model kits, as well as the intricate 3D puzzles UGears has to offer!


Welcome to UGears

UGears is a 2014 Ukrainian startup, producing a fantastic selection of mechanical models and puzzles. The product range includes educational STEM lab kits, fidget devices, and delightful toys and crafts for children as well, with simple designs for easy assembly.

With UGEARS you can build these mechanical models with moving gear wheels, cogs, and axles that have a lifelike functionality while also being a stunning work of art.

UGEARS models have become a fun and educational hobby for people in 85 countries across 5 continents.

Why UGears

Made of art-quality plywood, each model assembles easily without the need for glue or special tools. The range of UGears model kits are a fun and interesting activity of creation - with the final product definitely worth displaying for all to see. 

UGears also aims to bring families and friends together as they build and share these beautiful mechanical marvels.