Wild Connections

Wild Connections makes beautiful Australian and New Zealand animal-based games, that encourage the learning and discovery of the amazing native wildlife.


Welcome to Wild Connections 

Pat Darlington and Dan Nicholls who are the founders of Wild Connections worked for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as Education Officers. During this time, they realised there was a lack of knowledge of the native Australian wildlife. 

The idea of a collection of games came about, to be a fun way for people to learn a little more about Australia's unique wildlife. Through this, their wildlife games were developed. 

The collection of Menagerie games does not rely on any prior knowledge to win. As it combines luck with strategy and is suitable for all ages!

Why Wild Connections 

As you play the Wild Connection Games, you not only have fun but get to discover the stunning and interesting animals included in Australian and New Zealand Wildlife! Facts are on every card in the game. 

There are also Add-on card packs available designed to compliment your Australian Menagerie game, this enables you to play with more animals, habitats and players!