For Navir, a toy is a tool for teaching, a "living" teaching tool, which allows the child to make progress in their knowledge. Navir produces both educational toys for children and toys for adults and has been doing a great job at it for over 50 years!




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Welcome to Navir

Navir has been producing toys in the optics & fun educational field for over 50 years, managing & excelling throughout the entire production line: creation, design and construction.

Why Navir

The Navir Toys range of toy optical products is for all ages. Each toy has a specific function, which is the optical principle on which it is based. Navir toys are also a great source of entertainment for children which makes learning fun and enjoyable.

Navir toys are designed to promote healthy development in children and young people. They are suitable for use in schools, children's centres, homes and the community. Navir has always been dedicated to providing high-quality toys for children and has continuously updated its range to keep up with the times. In fact, it has been the most innovative toy company in the field of optics for many years. Navir has a long tradition of innovation and a history of developing innovative optical toys for children.