Poppik is a french brand that creates and designs unique stickers & sticker posters. They make for perfect creative and educational activities for all ages!


Welcome to Poppik

Poppik is a new creative activity called “sticker art”! A Poppik is a poster made with tens, hundreds or thousands of stickers, and once completed you are rewarded with a stunning piece of art or decor! Follow the instructions and stick the various stickers on the locations to gradually create a giant and colourful image. The process is simple and perfect for all ages, and the result is awesome!

Poppik is a creative, fun, easy-to-share activity that will keep young and old entertained. With lots of different themes & graphic styles, Poppik appeals to everyone: girls and boys, teenagers and adults, you can find something for everyone! The difficulty or complexity of the poster activities has been adapted by the sizes, variety and number of stickers for that poster.

Why Poppik

We recommend Poppik because not only is it a relaxing activity, but it also promotes concentration and fine motor skills. The posters contain stickers of all shapes, with dozens of colourful shades and are a joyful dive into a world of guided creativity. Plus because of the type of activity, the Poppik posters can begin and resume at any time making for a perfect downtime activity in the holidays or after school or work!