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Robots Gifts for all ages! Do you know any big fans of robotics and robot engineering? Great, because here you'll find perfect gifts & gift ideas for the robot buff you know. The More 2 Science team has searched the world for the perfect range of gifts personalized to robotic lovers. From coding robots and drone-like toys to smart robots you can build and control, we have something for everyone. View the entire robot product range below:


Welcome To The Robot Gifts Department

Reboot your gifting & give the best kids robot and robotics themed toys ever, shop above!

Have you got a birthday coming up? Maybe Christmas, or a student to shop for? Well, the stars have aligned! Here you'll find our personally selected range of awesome robot gifts sorted by most popular for that awesome robotic lover in your life. Ideal for kids who love engineering & robots!

Discover coding with the fun & educational toy, JohnCo Stanley 3-In-1 Keypad Coding Robot, or perform robot experiments with the coolest robotic building kits ever! There is sure to be fun with these robot gifts. Browse the entire range of Robot & Robotic product Gifts above: 

Top 10 Robot Gift Ideas for 2024

We've compiled a most popular list of the best robot gifts for July below. Voted by science givers like you! This list contains the all-time favourite robotics gifts & robot building kit gifts that we've shipped all over Australia. Spark joy with the best robot gift & toys today!

  1. 1. JohnCo 12 in 1 Solar And Hydraulic Construction Kit

    JohnCo 12 in 1 Solar And Hydraulic Construction Kit

    This 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Powered Robot is the most versatile gadget to learn about alternative energy using solar and hydraulic power! No more battery changing....

  2. 2. JohnCo 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot

    JohnCo 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot

    With 14 different models to build, let imaginations run wild. The best part is you can learn about electrical energy whilst playing!...

  3. 3. 4M KidzRobotix Table Top Robot

    4M KidzRobotix Table Top Robot

    Assemble your very own smart robotic crab that can detect the edges of any platform and make swift turns to avoid falling off the edge!...

  4. 4. JohnCo Stanley 3-In-1 Keypad Coding Robot

    JohnCo Stanley 3-In-1 Keypad Coding Robot

    Meet Stanley, a one-of-a-kind keypad coding robot. With an innovative method of teaching beginners the basics of coding, you'll want to get the whole family involved! ...

  5. 5. Metal Earth 3D Model Mars Rover

    Metal Earth 3D Model Mars Rover

    Create the Mars rover that proved there is the potential for life once on the red planet! Display your 3D steel model once completed to show off your skills. ...

  6. 6. Hydraulic Robotic Arm

    Hydraulic Robotic Arm

    With fluid powered hydraulics, The Hydraulic Robotic arm is an excellent introduction to engineering....

  7. 7. Steam Powered Kids Intruder Alarm Robot

    Steam Powered Kids Intruder Alarm Robot

    Keep unwanted intruders out of your room and learn all about circuits at the same time!...

  8. 8. Amazing Tightrope Walking Gyrobot

    Amazing Tightrope Walking Gyrobot

    With the Amazing Tightrope-Walking Gyrobot, kids can learn about gyroscopes in a fun, hands-on way....

  9. 9. 4M Green Science Rover Robot

    4M Green Science Rover Robot

    Discover the energy of the Sun! Build your own Green Science Rover Robot to find out more....

  10. 10. JohnCo Tobbie The Robot

    JohnCo Tobbie The Robot

    Open up a world of robotic possibilities and discover a new friend that you can build yourself! He will even follow you wherever you go....

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