Famous Faux Reviews

Welcome to Famous Faux Reviews. Our team got together recently and posed the question "What would Albert Einstein buy and say about More 2 Science?" this simple question snow balled into more and more "What would XYZ famous person" type questions. This page is a "tongue in cheek" look at what we think famous scientists, inventors and discoverers would say about More 2 Science. Hope you have fun!

I've enjoyed gifting the entire range of electricity projects from More 2 Science to my friends children, they've found them very practical and as I've also said "Not everything of value in life comes from books" sometimes you have to get in and simply pl - []

  Date Posted: 4 May 2022

I'm passionately curious about learning how to improve the way I teach and More 2 Science has a lot of curious things that have helped me recently. I've often said "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." and Mo - []

  Date Posted: 29 March 2022

These are fictional reviews based on what we believe these famous & fictional people would say, it’s a bit of fun not to be taken seriously.