This Triceratops Hand Puppet will have you controlling the mind of your very own dinosaur. Made with all the detailed features of a real-life triceratops head!

Why just use your hand when you can use a life-like puppet? Move your hand to control the dino's mouth and you now have a new pet!

This Triceratops puppet is perfect for playtime, puppet shows, or storytelling, making bedtime stories even more fun! 

Made of soft and malleable rubber; this puppet can move, shape, play, roar and chomp your enemies. This dinosaur will never go extinct! 

Dimensions of the Hand Puppet (W x H x D): 10cm x 16cm x 21cm

The Triceratops Hand Puppet makes a great gift for dinosaur lovers and kids with adventuresome imaginations.

Imagine if you had the power to control a dinosaur! Now you do - command your Triceratops to do as you please and enjoy the extra power... and teeth!

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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