Explore how the principles of electricity and magnetism—with their mysteries, myths, and magic—play out in everyday phenomena and create key components of some everyday devices.

The Discover Electricity and Magnetism STEM Kit provides a captivating insight into a variety of scientific ideas, laws and theories about the properties and principles of Electricity and Magnetism. Plus you get to build and do experiments with your own safe Electric Circuit!

This set includes:

  • A 32 paged Illustrated Reference Book
  • A Electricity and Magnetism Wall Chart 
  • An Electric Circuit Experiment Kit (instructions included)

This comprehensive kit is conveniently packaged in a handy tin container and weighs only 500 grams.

Dimensions: 6cm × 17cm x 23.5cm

Fun for ages 4 and up!

Get attracted to the marvelous magic of magnets and electricity with this introductory science kit!

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