With this Wind Power Stem Experiment Kit, you can build your own wind turbine, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

For centuries people have been building windmills to harvest energy from the wind. Windmills convert the kinetic energy of the wind into rotary motion. This rotation generates electric power. A wind turbine is a modern-day windmill.

Learn about energy, electric vehicles, climate change and renewable energies. Also discover how to measure wind speed using the Beaufort Scale.

Included are 4 experiments to perform with your completed wind turbine.

The completed turbine stands 91cm (3-feet) tall.

Everything you'll find in the box to build your turbine:

  • 32-page, full-colour manual
  • Tower
  • Rotor blade
  • Generator/motor and housing
  • Small gear wheel
  • Anchor pin
  • Medium gear wheel
  • 5-hole rod
  • Curved rod
  • Two-to-one converter
  • Axle, 10cm
  • Motor shaft, 2.7cm
  • Axle, 7cm
  • 5-hole dual rod
  • Wheel
  • Square frame
  • Stake
  • Rotor blade hub
  • Sticker sheet
  • Anchor pin lever
  • Foot
  • Tower connector
  • Nose cone

*Requires 1 x AA rechargeable battery (not included)

Recommended for ages 8 to 14 and up. 

Listed as one of the 10 best Stem toys for 2021 by the Independent online news site, you and your child are going to love experimenting with your very own wind turbine.

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Brand Thames and Kosmos
Shipping Weight 1.8000kg
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