As a result of improvements Galileo Galilei made to the telescope in 1609, now with a magnifying capability of 20×, he discovered 4 moons orbiting Jupiter.  

The Galilean Moons gift box showcases the famous Galilean moons of Jupiter, represented by tumbled/polished gemstones.

Your meticulously hand-crafted and beautifully polished "Moon" gemstones are represented by the following minerals:

  • Io: In Yellow Jade (1.9cm in diameter)
  • Europa: In Red Howlite (1.5cm in diameter)
  • Ganymede: In Bamboo Jasper (2.5cm in diameter)
  • Callisto: In Leopard Skin Jasper (2.2cm in diameter)

Coming ready to display in a heavy-duty cardstock box, your polished gemstones are ratio-sized based on the real Galilean Moons.

Dimensions of display box: 12.5cm x 5.5cm.

Gems are displayed and protected in individually cut black packing/display foam.

Unsuitable for ages 3 and under due to small parts.

The set complements the Planetary Gemstones set. This gift-boxed collection makes a great conversation piece for lovers of space, astronomy, history and geology!

Showcase your love of astronomy and space with these stunning Galilean Moons Gemstones! 

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