This automaton brings centuries of dragon lore to life in a cool 3D moving model!

Automata are whimsical mechanical toys that move like they're alive when you turn the crank.

With the dragon automata, the body moves back and forward as it flaps its wings, moves its legs up and down, as well its head, neck and tail move in a graceful motion.

The Automaton Dragon is a classic toy that features geometric shapes and a simple and straightforward design. Sure to get children excited about mechanics and invention!

Bring to life the wonder of your own automata that you can decorate.  Decorate it with paints or textas to resemble your favourite dragon. You could even glue on sequins to represent the scales - you're only limited by your imagination. Easy to make and fun to play with. 

Assembly takes 1 - 2 hours and your completed model will measure approximately 480 x 175 x 355mm. 

The finished model has a window in the shape of a dragon's head that you can watch the crankshaft move through. 

This kit includes everything you'll need to build your automaton.*

  • Clear instructions
  • Pre-cut wood pieces
  • Strings
  • Screw-in hooks
  • Glue

* Paints/textas/sequins not included.

Recommended for ages 8 and up. 

The flying dragon is not as easy to build as the running horse automa, but well worth the effort. It is an impressive kit that is fun to make and just as cool to use and display. 

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Automaton Dragon

By: Anonymous on 5 January 2022


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