Enjoy assembling and experimenting with this interactive, educational UGears Stem Lab Counter!

This little-known Ugears kit is a simple and fun way to learn about the workings of a counter, allowing you to build it yourself and watch as one of its three digits flips over in front of your eyes. 

The model comes with a QR Code to download an interactive Pocket Model Study Guide which includes engaging and interesting tasks to learn more about how a Counter works.

The Mechanism of the Counter is Composed of:

  • Click-button to register values
  • Cylinder gears with numbers
  • Geneva Drive
  • A Turn handle to register values

What's Included:

  • High-quality wooden boards with pre-cut details and other standard supplies. Assembly requires no glue or additional tools. The details come out of the boards with a slight push.
  • Detailed step-by-step colour instruction manual. Easy to follow – easy to learn.
  • Examples and suggestions for your fun hands-on projects.
  • QR-code to Pocket Model’s Study Guide (the Counter Essentials with a description of the mechanism, principle of working, main characteristics, definitions, and formulas).
  • QR-code to Ugears AR Application. New exciting features from Ugears to make your learning
    experience even more fascinating!

Model Size: 13.5*6.5*12.2 cm
Number of components: 157
Estimated time for assembly: 2 hours

This kit is perfect for ages 8 and up.

Learn to count, discover where the counter came from or do experiments with it! 

Get the hands-on experience of building your own three-digit clicker counter. 

UGears Stem Lab Counter Video

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