You will never experience an impossible to see view again with this handy Spyscope Periscope

 The Spyscope Periscope lets kids take their detective skills up to the next level. This real working periscope gives young detectives a unique lookout however they use it.

This optical instrument is made up of a telescopic tube and two mirrors at either end, a simple device that works wonderfully. 

You will see everything that was previously invisible. This optical instrument allows you to see objects or events that are not immediately visible.

See who's coming around the corner, hiding over the fence or even behind you! You'll have eyes everywhere, perfect for any spy or secret agent. 

Recommended for ages 5 and up. 

The Spyscope Periscope is the perfect addition to any spy's tool kit!

SKU 7031
Barcode # 8006944302004
Brand Navir
Shipping Weight 0.8500kg
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