Ponderable questions, fascinating facts, and illuminating timelines make Sterling Books Biology Ponderables the perfect overview of biology. 

Follow the journey through the history of the science of life to find out why the dolphin got its name, how a seven-foot strand of DNA is able to build your body, and what gives a lobster its blue blood. 

An engaging and enlightening read for the beginner scientist, curious thinker, educator or student! It also makes a great gift for those who want to understand why life exists in all its forms. 

Featuring 144 beautifully illustrated pages while being an authoritative guide to the science and scientists that have helped us understand life, this book considers some of biology’s greatest achievements and discoveries - explaining how they fit into the bigger picture! 

What's Included:

  • Contains 100 chronological articles that tell the story of biology from the beginning to now
  • Authoritative text, exciting imagery and helpful diagrams accompany each of the steps along the way
  • Biographies of great life scientists and a chart of the tree of life
  • A simple guide to biology draws together current understanding to set out the basics of the science
  • The Imponderables looks at what questions biology still needs to answer.

A 24-page removable fold-out concertina is also neatly housed at the back of the book. This fold-out includes a 12-page Timeline History of Biology and 12 full pages of the awesome electron micrographs.

From those who stood at the very beginnings of science to those who have made and continue to make the most extraordinary discoveries today, Biology Ponderables is with you every step of the way as we investigate what we are, why we are here and how it all started.

Delve into the science behind all life! The world of biology and its top thinkers are waiting for you!

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Brand Heebie Jeebies
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