Look closely and learn how to turn the wheels, slides, and lenses of your microscope - new worlds awaits with The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope

This wonderfully illustrated book written by award-winning authors Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone - is your complete guide to using your microscope like a pro! Answering all the common troubleshooting and safety questions young scientists, parents or teachers may have.

Aimed at younger readers and beginner scientists, the text is clear and easy to follow, packed with tons of instructions and information for learning how to identify the microscope’s different pieces, practice focusing, and prepare different kinds of samples for viewing has never been so easy!

This book even includes experiments you can try with your newfound microscope knowledge and an easy to create format for documenting specimens on your own!

With the Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope, readers will see their surroundings in a fascinating new way. They'll learn about different kinds of microscopes and how to use them to look at bugs, water, food, plants and pollen, and even parts of the body (like fingernails).

Take a trip through the world of micro-science, and discover the knowledge every budding scientist or microscope beginner needs to start their microscope journey!

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