Do you want hours of fun and science-based learning activities? You can have both with the 4M Scientific Discovery Kit!

This educational kit includes everything young scientists need to learn while they have fun. Full of over 40 fascinating and fun experiments, this comprehensive kit also includes a carry handle for ease - sure to be a hit!

Perform tabletop volcanic eruptions, build a clock powered by lemon, make a square bubble, drive a magnetic racer, perform amazing science magic tricks and more. Discover different science principles with this fascinating kit. Over 40 fun science projects with instructions and over 50 pieces included!

The unique projects included in this kit will encourage children's natural curiosity and teach them a remarkable amount about the fascinating world of science!

Easy-to-teach projects for parents

Includes clear and colourful project guides. Follow along and complete the exercises with your child. Prepare to be amazed by how simple projects can be effectively used to teach complex and thought-provoking ideas!

This wonderfully engaging science kit encourages children to think "further", "deeper" & "higher". Scientific concepts are enhanced with exciting facts & experiments that make thinking and learning fun.

Focus on 7 Topics:

  1. Magnetic Force
  2. Bubble Science
  3. Water Science
  4. Air Science
  5. Electricity
  6. Materials
  7. Science Magic Tricks

What's Included:

  • 42 Project Cards with Fun Facts.   
  • 40+ Fascinating Science Experiments, all the instructions and equipment (55+ items!) to do them! 
  • 18-page Activity Booklet to engage thinking & document learning.

Household items that are required, but not included are: A4 paper, scissors, glue, tape, paper clips, banknote, coins, ice, water, vinegar, baking soda, sugar, fruit, food colouring, dish detergent, paper towel, cloth, forks, spoon, straws, toothpicks, clothes pegs, aluminium can, drinking glass, plastic water bottle, empty jar with lid, plastic bag, measuring cups, soil, desk lamp. 

Fun for ages 8 years and up!

Box Dimensions: 38cm x 29cm x 8cm

Get your Lab coat on and get ready for an entertaining and educational experience!


Barcode # 4893156017116
Brand 4M
Shipping Weight 1.2500kg
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