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Meet Monty, the Amazing Tightrope Walking Gyrobot and learn how to build your very own robot as you discover physics, robotics and how gyroscopes get used in everyday life.

Through building and play this popular kit will help kids develop their observational and fine motor skills.

How does the gyrobot balance? The secret is a gyroscope, a device that has a mounted wheel that can move on an axle so even if the gyroscope tilts, its axis still points in the same direction. 

The gyroscope is inside the robot's head. Once built, if you look through the transparent plastic housing, you can see the wheel rotating inside.

There are also 8 fun experiments you can perform to learn all about how your gyroscope works!

What's Included:

  • 24-page full-colour manual (including an illustrated comic story about Monty)
  • Head unit
  • Body unit
  • Legs
  • Pin caps
  • Sticker sheet
  • Large frame
  • Square frame
  • Cotton string
  • 9-hole rod
  • 3-hole dual rod
  • Short anchor pin
  • Anchor pin
  • Joint pin
  • Anchor pin lever
  • Pivot anchor pin
  • 5-hole cross rod

*3 x AAA batteries required (not included)

Recommended for ages 6 to 14 and up. 

Know someone interested in physics and robotics? Monty will keep them entertained for hours as they discover the fun in physics! 

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