Learn about scientific principles, and mechanical engineering concepts in a fun and useful way with the Hydraulic Robot Arm!

This fun, easy to build kit includes everything you need to create your very own 6-axis, powered suction apparatus robot arm! 

It has moveable wrist, elbow and shoulder joints and can pick up objects with a gripper or suction cup!

No Battery is required either, meaning hours of endless learning and play.

The hands-on technology of the Hydraulic Robot Arm is perfect for beginner robotic engineers to experience the precision and thought that goes into modern-day machines and technology! 

With easy to follow instructions including high-detailed diagrams, it's simple for even the youngest students to start building their own hydraulic robot arm. 

Dimensions (W x H x D): 40cm x 29cm x 11cm 

Science fun for ages 10 and up.

Jump into hydraulics and be captivated by science, mechanics and robotics with the Hydraulic Robot Arm!

Barcode # 9322318006552
Shipping Weight 0.6000kg
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