Does your room need a little extra protection?

The all-in-one Steam Powered Kids Intruder Alarm Robot building kit is a fun, hands-on way to learn about intruder alarms!

Building your intruder alarm encourages the understanding of different engineering principles by showing how an electrical circuit needs to be closed for it to work! 

Follow the easy to read, step-by-step instructions to build your own robot alarm - learn the basics about electricity, sensors and circuit boards! 

You could even place the colourful robot in strategic locations around your house, or set it up as a fun-tastic robot decoration. A wonderful activity for young engineers, robot lovers or creators!

Explore the basic principles of electricity and open the door to endless possibilities with the Steam Powered Intruder Alarm Robot.

Fun for ages 8 and up!

Keep intruders out and learn while you build!

Barcode # 4893156049001
Brand 4M
Shipping Weight 0.4200kg
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