Behold the beauty that is created within the earth with the Aura Quartz Geodes

Geodes are rocks that are hollow inside, hiding stunning crystal formations to be discovered. Geodes are generally round and come in a range of sizes. When broken or cut open, geodes reveal a stunning lining of crystals inside. Nature's gift wrapping. 

These beautiful, bright Aura Quartz Geodes by British Fossils are made by bonding different metal vapours to natural quartz.The metal vapours include gold, platinum and silver. This gives it a beautiful, decorative effect and makes for a special gift!

Each Aura Quartz Geode comes presented in a black box with an information card, colours may vary from the one shown.

The only question is, who will you give it to? Or will you keep it for yourself? A wonderful and collectible item that is sure to impress.

Aura Quartz Geodes Reviews

Aura Quartz Geodes

By: Anonymous on 5 January 2022


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