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Unleash the inner scientist in every child with our captivating collection of Science Gifts for Kids! At More 2 Science, we believe that the seed of curiosity, when nourished with the right tools, can blossom into a lifelong love for learning and discovery. Our unique range of science gifts is not just toys or games, but stepping stones to explore the universe's vast mysteries. Browse through our collection below and prepare to launch your child's scientific voyage. Remember, in the world of science, the sky isn't the limit; it's just the beginning!


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Every gift in this category has been carefully curated to captivate, inspire, and educate. We've traversed the globe to hand-pick the most engaging and enlightening science gifts that will bring out the little Einstein in every kid. Whether it's about exploring the wonders of physics, diving into the colorful world of chemistry, or embarking on a journey through the biological universe, our gifts have got it all covered.

And the fun doesn't stop at learning! These science gifts are designed to be interactive and fun, ensuring that your little ones enjoy every moment they spend with them. So, let's spark some scientific wonder and fuel the imagination of young minds with our exceptional range of Science Gifts for Kids.

Browse the entire range of Science Gifts for Kids above.

Top 10 Science Gifts for Kids for 2024!

We've compiled a most popular list of the best Science Gifts for Kids for June below. Voted by science givers like you! This list contains the all time favourite Science Gifts for Kids that we've shipped all over Australia

  1. 1. Magic Specs

    Magic Specs

    Put on these "Magic" diffraction glasses and look at any light source and see a spectacular "fireworks" like effect. ...

  2. 2. Buggy Ultra Viewer

    Buggy Ultra Viewer

    Buggy Ultra Viewer is 3 Way super viewer: view from above with 10 and 20X microscope, 3X horizontal view and 3X view from below....

  3. 3. Freeze Dried Ice Cream

    Freeze Dried Ice Cream

    This freeze-dried ice cream is sure to impress, and is a perfect snack for astronauts on the go! ...

  4. 4. Break-your-own Geodes

    Break-your-own Geodes

    On the outside, they look like ordinary rocks, but on the inside they're extraordinary. Bursting with unique crystal transformations!...

  5. 5. Pack of Four Magic Specs

    Pack of Four Magic Specs

    Put on these "Magic" diffraction glasses and look at any light source and see a spectacular "fireworks" like effect. ...

  6. 6. Fossil Box

    Fossil Box

    The Fossil Box is a fantastic introduction to all things fossils. Which ones will you find? Start your discovery today....

  7. 7. Orbiting Solar System

    Orbiting Solar System

    With the Orbiting Solar System you can set the planets in motion with a flick of your wrist! Build a mechanical model of the solar system which is called an Orrery....

  8. 8. Fossil Collection Kit

    Fossil Collection Kit

    With the Fossil Collection Kit you'll be amazed to see what happens to bones, shells, leaves and seeds when they're left under mud for many years....

  9. 9. Planetary Gemstones

    Planetary Gemstones

    A beautiful collection of polished gemstones, showcasing the unique beauty of each and every planet, including Pluto, the perfect display piece or conversation starter for any space enthusiast....

  10. 10. Periodic Table Mug

    Periodic Table Mug

    The Periodic Table Mug is just like any other mug - except way cooler. It's printed with the full periodic table of elements. Its a great gift for anyone who loves chemistry or simply "sciency" type things....

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