Fascinations work with engineers, scientists, magicians and most importantly, kids young and old to put together some truly unique toys and gifts. The below amazingly detailed DIY models start as square steel sheets and finish as amazing 3D models!


Welcome to Fascinations

Fascinations Metal Earth range holds amazing DIY models with stunning & intricate details. Made from high-quality steel sheets, every model features amazing detail with parts cut from one or more 10cm square steel sheets.

Each metal earth kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and absolutely no glue or soldering is required! Simply snip out the pieces and bend the tabs through corresponding connection points to create your 3D model. 

The recommended tools that will make putting your 3D model together are Needle nose pliers, flat nose pliers, clippers and tweezers. 

Why Fascinations

We recommend Fascinations Metal Earth as a perfect and unique gift for the tinkerers in your life. Encourage the joy of creating and then display the magnificent finished creation. These 3D model kits can take anywhere from 1 hour to 5+ hours to complete and come in a range of different skill levels - so no matter the age, anyone will have a new and fun creative outlet in no time. 

Starting Tips

Use clippers for easy removal of parts from the metal sheet. Plan out and check out the parts that will go together. Do not fold any piece back and forth along a fold more than 2 times as this will weaken the piece and cause it to break, be gentle. The parts come together using tabs and holes - so pay attention to the circle & triangle symbols as the circle represents a tab that should be folded 90° and a triangle represents a tab that should be twisted 90°.