Water Rokit

Since the birth of Water Rokit in 1983, Water Rokit has been exciting rocketeers and space cadets in learning about rockets and science. Launch yourself into a blast of learning fun!


Welcome to Water Rokit

Rocket science doesn't have to be hard with the Water Rokit's fun and captivating experiment! The Water Rokit is the original water rocket created with precision engineering, built to last and made for everyone to enjoy and explore!

It all started with a British, family-owned, company that is passionate about bringing science alive for children and schools around the world. Inventors, Roger Wilkins and Max Jackson were both engineers that designed and built machines to automate manufacturing lines and conceived the idea of the Water Rokit in the late 1970s.

After about 3 years of developing the Water Rokit, they were able to ensure all components worked together properly and were capable of withstanding the impact of landing after every launch!

Why Water Rokit

We recommend Water Rokit because it brings real science alive for kids, teenagers and space cadets! All while inspiring the next generations of scientists & engineers. The kits are well put together, and simple enough to learn while having fun - the Water Rokit created an outdoor family fun activity for all. You'll learn how real rockets safely, using water & compressed air to create thrust. Blast off into learning today!