Galileo Thermometer 44cm Description

The Galileo Thermometer 44cm (also known as the Galilean thermometer) is the ideal next intriguing display piece for your home or office!

It is named after Galileo Galilei because he discovered the principle that the density of a liquid changes in proportion to its temperature.

The thermometer contains clear liquid and 10 glass bulbs that are all made up of different densities. So as the temperature changes, the bulbs rise and fall, giving you a temperature reading in the range of 16°C to 34°C.

Know the temperature in seconds with just a quick gaze at the striking handblown glass cylinder. 

How to read the temperature:

The temperature is read from the engraved metal discs that hang off each bulb.

  • If a bulb is floating in the middle, that is the current temperature
  • If some are at the top and some at the bottom the temperature will between the bulbs on either side of the gap
  • If all the bulbs are at the bottom the temperature will be closest to the top floating bulb

This is an ideal gift for students, weather lovers & thermal physics buffs or for that work colleague you have no idea what to get!

Bring some joy into any office space or home today with Galileo Thermometer 44cm. 

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