Have fun while you learn with the Kinetic Machines STEM kit.

While building five different models, you'll learn about the physics of kinetic energy at the same time. How cool!

If an object is moving, it has kinetic energy. Net force, when applied to an already moving object, it causes the object to speed up and gain kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is a property of a moving object and depends not only on its motion but also on its mass.  

Learn all about the Physics of Cars (power, velocity & speed, acceleration and work) and Catapults (force, motion and energy) as you build a Desert RacerMotorcycle LauncherCatapult, Balancing Dragonfly and Wind Mobile.

The box is loaded with 108 pieces to build your models:

  • 24-page, full-colour manual
  • Short anchor pin, blue
  • Anchor pin
  • Joint pin
  • Long Joint pin
  • Two-to-one converter
  • 90-degree converter- Y
  • 90-degree converter- X
  • 1-hole connector
  • Curved rod
  • 3-hole rod
  • 3-hole cross rod
  • 3-hole wide rounded rod
  • 5-hole rod
  • 5-hole cross rod
  • 7-hole wide rounded rod
  • 7-hole flat rounded rod
  • 11-hole rod
  • Square frame
  • Axle 70 mm
  • Axle, 100 mm
  • AxLe, 150 mm
  • Rubber band, Large
  • Small gear
  • Small sprocket
  • Rubber band, small
  • Disk wheel
  • Disk wheel pin
  • Small body piece - L & R
  • Rubber band, small thick
  • Wheel frame
  • Main body piece
  • Large body piece
  • Anchor pin lever

Recommended for ages 6 and up. 

Aspiring physicists or engineers will have hours of fun playing with this kit.

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