Da Vinci Ingenious Design for a Self-Supporting Bridge has captured the imagination of people for many years.

This bridge is sometimes referred to as the Emergency Bridge. The pressure on the top increases the strength of the bridge as weight binds its beams together.  Da Vinci's design used ties to hold the beams together. This re-creation has added little grooves to keep the beams in place.

This bridge design was to be quick and easy to build and takedown. It was also intended for the swift movement of troops over rivers. These were critical to the success of the army during that time.

Once you've built the bridge, be sure to gather a Lego army and test its strength. What other things will it hold?

In the kit you'll find:

  • Clear instructions
  • 15 pre-cut beams with grooves
  • Timber baseplate
  • Sandpaper

Dimensions of completed bridge:

  • Length: 240mm
  • Width: 95mm

Recommended for ages 7 and up. 

Discover one of the amazing inventions of the great Da Vinci bridge kit. Simple to build, yet elegant in design and a beautiful display piece when not in use too!

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