The Mega Bug Viewer is a handheld, portable catching jar and JUMBO magnifying lens that’ll let you observe bugs, insects, spiders, tadpoles and other small water creatures up close and in brilliant detail!

The lid with the magnifying lens clicks tight on the jar, keeping the critters from escaping - but it has an "Air System" to allow them to breathe.

The cleaver dual purpose lid with the magnifying lens also fits on the bottom of the jar allowing a magnified viewing of critters in their natural habitat!  

What's Included:

  • Catching Jar
  • Jumbo Magnifying Lens Lid
  • Plastic bug 

Dimensions: Jar & Magnifying Lens Lid 11.5cm high x 10.6cm wide

Recommended for 4 year olds and up.

Take a close up look at the amazing creatures where they are or capture them for extended study!

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