The Periodic Table has been hailed as humanity’s greatest scientific achievement, a powerful yet elegant tool that lays bare the building blocks of the universe.

Know how the awesome elements of our world were discovered with the Sterling Books The Elements Ponderables, including 100 of the most interesting stories from the great thinkers that discovered them and 144 beautifully illustrated pages! 

This beautifully illustrated book dives into the history of the elements and includes a fold-out timeline with over 1000 milestone facts! Ideal for the beginner scientist, curious thinker, educator or student!

Discover the remarkable stories behind some of the most important discoveries and theories in chemistry with this essential introduction to the elements. A collection of engaging, fact-filled profiles of history’s great minds takes us on a fascinating tour of the Periodic Table.

Each story relates to a surprising puzzle that became a discovery and changed the way we see the world. We call these Ponderables. 

Be the smartest of all your friends with this history guide full of facts! You will be in your element after you have read this one!

Weight - 1.3kg

Dimensions - 28.4cm x 23.5cm x 2.5cm

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