Bounce your way to extreme fun and satisfaction with the Glow Bouncing Putty!

Glow Bouncing Putty exhibits extreme elasticity! It's tough and made from silicone, the ingredient of the original 'silly putty' so it wil never dry out. Forever fun! 

This putty's amazing properties are enhanced by the cool fact that it is nearly impossible to lose - as it also glows in the dark!

You can mould your Glow Bouncing Putty into a ball, or keep it egg-shaped like a football for an unpredictable bouncing pattern!

What can the Glow Bouncy Putty do?

  • It bounces
  • It squishes
  • It stretches
  • It snaps
  • It moulds back together
  • It glows in the dark

Available in a range of colours including pink, yellow, blue and green (chosen at random).

When your putty is not in use, squish it back into its egg for easy storage!

Dimensions of putty in egg: 6cm (high) x 4cm (wide).

Approximately 26gm in total.

Fun for ages 6 and up!

Satisfying squishiness, berserk bounciness topped off with glow in the dark propities - what excellent egg-shaped fun!

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