The handheld, portable Buggy Ultra Viewer is a critter catching jar with a lid that has a swivelling microscope with 20x microscopic power!

This microscope is inserted in a ball joint which permits 360-degree observation and the lid also has aeration holes for safeguarding the lives of the critters. 

The super viewer allows simultaneous views from above with a 10x & bonus pop in 20x easy slide focusing microscope, a 3x horizontal view and a 3x view from an angled mirror below.

It also comes with 7cm long tweezers and a plastic bug to practice on!

What's Included:

  • Buggy Ultra Viewer: 17.7cm extending to 22.7cm tall & 8cm wide
  • Critter Catching Jar: 6.5cm tall & 6.5cm diameter wide 
  • Tweezers: 7cm long

It comes in colour varieties of Red, Yellow & Green: randomly selected

Great fun for ages 5 and up!

Catch land and water creatures and get a super close up look at these amazing creations!

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