Planet Plates - Set of 8 Description

Planet Plates could be a delightful journey through our solar system at your dining table. These plates not only serve a practical purpose but also double as educational tools or conversation starters about astronomy and space exploration. They beautifully blend functionality with the fascination of the cosmos.

  • Planet Plates being lightweight and durable for various uses from serving snacks to being conversation starters at parties.
  • Made from melamine, and measuring approx 20cm in diameter.
  • Each set includes eight plates, each representing a different planet, designed with both fun and educational intent in mind.
  • Original watercolour portraits of our solar system, from Earth to Uranus, Mercury to Venus and the fiery power of Mars, the planet of action and energy. Saturn, adorned with a dazzling system of icy rings to the beauty of Jupiter with its massive size and swirling multi-coloured clouds and lets not leave out Uranus our Big blue planet. 
  • Imagine every snack can be out of This World!   
  • The convenience of being dishwasher safe and perfect for both indoor and outdoors entertaining.
  • Planet Plates are Not microwave safe. 

Make regular meals more imaginative, transporting you and your family to different parts of the solar system with each bite.


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