Dive into paleontology with the Fossil Box!

A lot of fossils are found in sedimentary rock. This is a rock that has formed from things like sand, mud and small pieces of rock.

Fossils can sometimes look like bone – but they're not! They are a rock that looks exactly the same as the object that was first there. The object gets buried and squashed under sediment. Then, over time, water soaks into the bones which turns them into rock as it leaves behind minerals!

Each Fossil Box contains a selection of genuine fossils and comes in an acrylic box. Below are some of the ones you may find in your box:

  • Shark tooth
  • Trilobite (Arthropods, such as insects and spiders, that lived during the Paleozoic era)
  • Nautiloid (from a group of extinct marine molluscs which includes the pearly nautilus)
  • Crinoid (marine animals including the starfish, brittle stars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers.)
  • Brachiopod (a marine invertebrate that resembles a lamp shell)
  • Ammonite (from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, with frilled suture lines)

Unsuitable for ages 3 and under due to small parts.

Which ones will you spot? A perfect gift for collectors, fossils lovers and budding paleontologists!

Encourage a love of science and discovery with the Fossil Box from British Fossils.

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