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With the Magic of Magnets kit, young scientists can perform exciting experiments to discover and understand the concept of magnetism!

Magnetism is a force we can't see between two objects, based on the physical properties of each object.

An understanding of the relationship between electricity and magnetism began in 1819. Professor Ørsted noticed that a compass needle twitched when it was near a wire. He also found that an electric current could create a magnetic field.

The experiment kit contains 8 exciting and fun experiments using magnets and varying equipment.

Even build your own compass and discover the mysterious fields of magnets! 

What's Included:

  • Illustrated full-colour guide
  • Magnets of varying shapes and sizes
  • Metal rod
  • Game tokens

This kit is heaps of learning fun for ages 8 and up. 

Uncover and understand the powerful force of magnetism and perform cool games and experiments with the Magic of Magnets!

Also available in the Having Fun with Science 3 Pack.

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