Learn about gears and transmissions, and where you can find an example of gear wheels in nature with the Geared-up Gadgets STEM kit!

The instruction book will guide you through building each gadget step-by-step.

The 5 gadgets:

  • Rescue Helicopter
  • Spinner Toy
  • Hand Mixer
  • Aircraft Launcher
  • Flying Scooters

The Geared-Up Gadgets STEM kit has all the parts you need to build five fun gadgets that use gears and transmissions.

What's Included:

  • 24-page full-colour manual
  • Short anchor pin
  • Anchor pin
  • Joint pin
  • Shaft pin
  • Shaft plug
  • Two-to-one converter
  • 90-degree converter - Y
  • 90-degree converter - X
  • 1-hole connector
  • Curved rod
  • 3-hole cross rod
  • 3-hole rod
  • 5-hole rod
  • 5-hole cross rod
  • 9-hole rod
  • 11-hole rod
  • Angled arm
  • 3-hole cross connector
  • 3-hole crank
  • Square frame
  • Axle. 35 mm 
  • Axle, 70 mm
  • Axle, 150 mm
  • Small gear
  • Medium gear
  • 5-hole axle rod
  • Helicopter blade
  • Rubberband, small
  • Washer
  • Anchor pin lever
  • Large body piece - A & B
  • Small body piece - L & R

Recommended for ages 6 and up. 

You'll never believe how much fun engineering can be with these simple constructions!

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