Explore the science behind Volcanoes in this Make Your Own Volcano Kit!

This kit has been designed especially for Museums Victoria's Sciences Department by an experienced practitioner to be a fun way of discovering how volcanoes work, and what we can learn from them. It includes the resources needed to make a replica mini-volcano!

Learn about the way eruptions happen and how volcanoes work with 5 different experiments to be conducted:

  • Model an erupting volcano,
  • Create your own edible 'volcanic honeycomb'
  • Replicate a bubbling mud pool
  • What's Behind the 'lava lamp'?
  • Magma Race

Fun, educational and unique, this kit is a great way to explore volcanoes. 

This kit is perfect for use at home or school, no prior science knowledge is required – with all the equipment and instructions you need to make your own mini Mount Vesuvius!

Loads of fun for ages 8 and up. 

Now all you have to do is have some exploding fun!

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