Dynamic design to help you discover! The mighty Megalens has a 3 x magnifing lens with a 7 x magnifying lens insert!

The handle hinges open to provide a stable tri-pod base to allow hands free observations.

Elegently sheathed in the handle are a pair of tweezers that can be fully removed to aid in holding and manipulating small objects.

Supplied in assorted colours: Blue, green, red, yellow and black - randomly selected.

Megalens Features:

  • Large lens : diameter 60mm
  • Small lens : diameter 13mm
  • Magnifications : 3 and 7
  • Tweezers : 70mm long
  • Overall Dimensions : 190 x 85 x 30mm

Magnify the marvellous mini world around you!

Suitable and fun for ages 6 and up!

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